Destroy Everything and Ruin the Race for Everyone!
“Do you remember those fireball hard candies from when we were kids? That’s how I treat my vices…smoking, alcohol, cocaine, weed….I figure if I
just roll it around in my mouth a bunch from spot to spot I won’t get burned” - Actual Dharma Wheels Cyclery Team Member
The Dharma Wheels Cycling Team
Team Halloween Party 2007.  
here is the flickr link
2012 Events

March 3rd weekend (that would be leaving thursday after work, Riding Fri, Riding/Racing Sat, Riding Sun and leaving after lunch Sun).  
Details coming later this month

True Grit race, St. George.  March 17th...Ride it, Race it...or drink beer with me and laugh at the fools racing.

Clothing Items
Wool Socks $10

Cotton Hats $20

Wool Hats $30 (my favorite because they crush down to fit in a pocket)
Massage Therapy by
Scot Ericksen
Link to Bicycle and Accessory Purchasing at the Dharma Wheels Cyclery
The Dharma Wheels Cycling Team is made up of a select group of riders. If you wish to be a part of the team, we recommend
attending events and bringing beer.  The captains will contact you if they would like to extend you an invitation to ride.

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Park City Othodontics
Dr. Jeffrey Sumsion
(435) 649-0099
Summit Endodontics

Dr. Robert K. Flath
(435) 645-7668
that would be
(435) 645 - ROOT
"Smile and File"
instead of
"Ream and Scream"
Team Captain Page Here to Worship your Leaders
Dharma Wheels Cycling Team Fact - Can you guess the most money a DWC Team member has spent at a strip club in Las
Vegas in a single night?

Answer - In 2011...$ 2010, $12,800.....the clock is ticking people.