Antimony, Utah
Kim calls this the happy place.  Cell phones don't work.  It's peaceful.  Bob and Freddie homesteaded their ranch
here 35 years ago.  They have a dental office in the tack building that we work in a little.  Mostly, we enjoy
horseback riding and hanging around at the ranch.  It is a wonderful place.  Their property is right on the Dixie
National Forest.  It is just beautiful.  Bob and I practice dentistry the same way...and that is rare to find in this world.  
Hell, Bob and I may be the last cowboy dentists in this country.  And let me tell you friends, I'd have it no other way.
This is Bob and I at our old office at Kimball Junction,
where we practiced for 5 years before the Silver Creek
location.  Bob and Freddie raised their wonderful
children in Park City.
For our honeymoon, Kim and I went to Antimony.  I know, its not
Hawaii.  But we had a great time.  This is our champagne toast at
Antimony Lake after packing it in on the horses and mules.  Bob,
Freddie, Marge, Me and Kim.  Cheers.
Yeah, we shoot guns too
Kims a pretty good shot.  If she wings ya, Bob and I will finish you off.