The Before and After Page
People sometimes ask me to show them what I can do.  Here it is.  These images are taken with a cheezy
little 35mm digital camera.  All patients have given me permission to photograph them and put them on
my website.  If seeing these pictures inspires you to call, the number of Silver Creek Dental is
A friend of mine needed some front teeth after
his were extracted due to decay.  This is what a
provisional (or temporary) fix looks like...not
bad huh?
People ask me about this all the time.  
Bleaching is super popular and safe.  Yes, I
bleach my own teeth..
If you want to get a head start on your
whitening, the in office bleach is for you.  
Erin here got a great result in about 30
minutes with the in office bleach.  I'll post a
follow up after her take home 'touch up" and
with sunlight instead of my operatory light.
Doing the front 6.

     And Bens grill
Some days you win, some days you loose.  Here's a win
My Pride and Joy
Andy, this one's for you baby.  The skull
Gold sexy man.