Silver Creek Dental
Teeth Whitening Instructions

It is not necessary to bleach all teeth (such as back molars), just bleach the teeth surfaces that are visible when smiling
or talking.

Place a dab of bleach the size of a sesame seed on the inside front surface of each tooth in the bleach tray, for the
teeth that you wish to bleach.

Using a paper towel or cloth towel, dry the front surface of your teeth and place the trays on your teeth.

Gently press the front surface of each tooth to spread the gel over the tooth.

For 35% Strength Bleach:
Leave trays in for 30-120 minutes during the day.  This can be done up to 3 times per day until you achieve your
desired whiteness.  After this point, bleach as frequently as needed to maintain the desired whiteness (For some
people this is every day, for some people this is once or twice a year).  If you get bleach on your gums, it will sting and
bleach them white.  They will return to normal in a day or two.  Use less bleach and bleach more often to get whiter.  If
your teeth are quite sensative after bleach, give them a few hours.  If they are chronically sensative, use less bleach,
try the 45% solution (it has more Fluoride in it), or use Prevident 5000+ toothpaste

For 45% Strength Bleach:
30min-1 hr.  You can bleach every hour of the day if you feel like it.

•        Keep bleach refrigerated to maintain potency up to a year or more.
•        Don’t bleach right after flossing – wait at least 30 minutes.
•        Brush teeth before and after bleaching.
•        Keep the bleach off your gums, or they will turn white.  It is a temporary condition and the gums should return to
their normal color within 1-2 days.
•        Bleaching can cause temporary sensitivity, usually lasting 1 day.  If this occurs, take a break from bleaching until
the sensitivity goes away.  You can also consider using a weaker strength bleach or decreasing the duration of the
bleaching time.
•        A box of 4 replacement tubes of 35% bleach is available at our office for $25, just stop in during normal hours to
purchase.  The 45% stuff is single tube at a time and $10.
•        Don’t add more bleach to your trays than necessary, you won’t get whiter faster (you’ll just bleach your gums!)
•        Consistency is key for best results - its just like working out.  Your teeth won’t get whiter if you don’t bleach!
The Golden Rules of Tooth Bleaching....
1.  Less is more.  Use a small amount...smaller than makes you happy.
2.  Bleach More with less.  Bleach more days with less than less days with more bleach.
3. Practice and be consistant.  If you use too much bleach or it squirts on your will
have to start over.  Practice to be efficient.